Rewire Neuroscience is a Portland startup focused on empowering the future of neuroscience by providing products that are affordable and custom designed. We offer an array of laboratory equipment, ranging from freezer monitoring to social operant chambers, built to customer specifications.


Rewire Neuroscience is dedicated to empowering the future of neuroscience. Our goal is to help early stage scientists get ahead in a competitive research landscape. We develop products that are well built, affordable, and designed by neuroscientists who use the product. Rewire Neuroscience spun out of Washington State University in 2016 based on rodent behavioral analysis technology developed by neuroscientists Dr. John Harkness. This technology is incorporated into a laboratory apparatus that is being developed for commercialization by Rewire Neuroscience. 

We’re growing fast! Rewire was awarded a Commercialization Gap Fund from Washington State University to help develop and validate our Sleep Fragmentation Platform. We are developing new products in our laboratory apparatus division, as well as working hard on multiple web platforms and network backend. If you would like to know more about joining our team, check out our careers page.


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If you’re interested in joining the Rewire Neuroscience team, check out our careers page.

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